Caindo de bobo em barganhas

Acontece sempre: 100 reais de desconto de um preço 100 reais mais caro. E caímos, caímos e caímos….

Sometimes, however, you get to help set the price. And that’s when, if you can be quick and bold, the research is on your side.

(…) The more you get for you client, the more you get paid. But if you ask for too much, the jury may get angry and give you nothing, or much less than you would have gotten if you’d asked for a reasonable amount.

That makes intuitive sense. But it’s wrong. The title of a famous paper sums it up: “The more you ask for, the more you get.” There is zero evidence for a rebound effect. Lawyers who ask for absurd, billion-dollar awards don’t get what they ask for…but they get more than if they’d asked for mere millions. Once that huge number gets into a juror’s head, anchoring takes over.

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